5 Trends to Know in SEO & Content Marketing

What’s trending in content marketing and SEO these days?

Let’s say this: Content is more important than ever.

Content marketing

More specifically, quality, media type, authenticity, and audience targeting all come into play if you want to win with readers and Google.

Ready to learn more?

These are the five content marketing and SEO trends you need to know.

1. Go Beyond (WAY Beyond) Superficial Content

We’re seeing brands leave superficial content behind in favor of blogs and articles that plumb the depths of a topic.

That means more and more blogs are comprehensive, thoroughly researched and – you guessed it – long.

For instance, look at the SERP for the query [content marketing examples]. The top 4 results have an average length of 2,207 words.

content marketing

Furthermore, all these results are chock-full of real-world examples, studies, statistics, and facts.

This research had to be accurately and carefully compiled, referenced, and cited.

This Optinmonster blog (result #2 and a featured snippet) is well-researched, meaning it includes lots of examples, links to sources, and screenshots. It also clocks in at over 3,000 words:

This is what is necessary to rank well with readers and search engines these days. Read More

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Attributes of Any Professional Web Design Company

If you want to hire a professional web design company for creating a comprehensive, effective and affordable design, the internet can give you links to various resources. With internet as your resort, you can now learn more about Indian companies that have been doing well, compare prices, read reviews and follow client testimonials before making your choice. The top web design company would be the one that can offer your professional services and excellent features with profitable solutions for your business. Wetecho operates with a pool of talented, trained and specialized staffs, all efficient in their own fields.

top web design companyThe top web design company would be the one that can provide you advice, ideas, solutions and assistance for creating an outstanding website. You should consider choosing a company that offers inspiring and innovative design. You should also expect a versatile, friendly, cost-effective and speedy service. If required, you can compare and research various other web design companies before choosing one.

Remember, whenever you choose a preferred company for web design, it should be able to help you out with materials and tools for making your venture effectively online, thereby leading to highly successful business ventures. If price is an issue, you can always research different websites to find out more about their price range and compare. For top web design and services, you can take help from expert marketing companies online. It is recommended that you should choose a company that can provide you services just like any professional company and effectively help in promoting your website after development is successfully completed.

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Latest Winning Strategies for Social Media Optimization

SMO is one of the few processes of online marketing that can make your content shareable very easily across the social media and web. As there are plenty of options available today for people to view your content easily, the web content model has shifted from traffic building to a more pragmatic approach – to make sure people see the website content and relate to it. Wetecho promises to deliver prompt and up-to-date social media optimization services to clients to make sure their social networking needs are met and they can enjoy an overwhelming traffic coming to their site.

social media optimization

SMO actually has the ability to draw in more traffic to the site through networking. If your content is crisp and relevant, more and more friends will encourage others to read the specific content and digest it at the same time. More reads will convert to more shares. The role of social media optimization is to help your website earn greater amount of social referral, which is only possible by creating interesting and easily shareable content.

Of late, the latest trends in SMO is to add badges and widgets that allows users to grab web content and even share it across their blogs, MySpace accounts, Facebook profile, Google+ etc.

Content sharing is a key for social media marketers today. Social sharing is valuable for some key reasons, which is only possible with the help of smart tools used for SMO experts.

Even social commenting has become a key to bring in more traffic and involve readers. Sharing your content and comment through tools like Disqus, Gigya and Echo makes your content easily visible to other networks and platforms, which could convert to potential profits.

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Characteristics of the Best SEO Company in the Country

Ideally, a perfect SEO company is the one that will allow your business to grow and proliferate for a very long time. Today, search engine optimization is considered to be the most powerful tool for business owners online as well as professionals to increase the visibility of their own online presence. This is one particular standard that is maintained by all the companies that can be rated as the best and have the reputation of attracting potential customers.  So, are you looking for the best SEO company in India? If so, Wetecho can be your ultimate stop.1

Hiring the top ranking SEO firm becomes a vital part of the business. One of the greatest advantages of these companies is that they are experts and well versed with the field of online marketing and they know what to do. There are a few characteristics of the best SEO company in India that you should note before hiring one.

Firstly, the best in SEO is the one having good reputation in this industry and vast experience. There are some really outstanding companies offering SEO services along with customer relation benefits par excellence. They will partner with their clients to deliver optimum SEO results for any online marketing strategy or campaign.

SEO companies need not be expensive – you should aim to find a company with good reputation and feedback from other clients. That shows the sign of reliability and excellent service. However, you must avoid relying on inbound links.

In addition, best are those companies that can be reached easily, whenever needed. You should try inquiring and see how they respond.

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Improve Your Business Strategy With Top Web Design Company

Today, a great and user-friendly website can help you in generating or developing your business. An excellent or well-designed website directly boosts the sales of your product or services.

Web Design Company IndiaIn order to generate the most interesting, light yet user-friendly website, you would require to contact and take services from a Top web design company that offers website designing and development solutions. Presently, numerous companies that offer various services that can enhance your website; all you have to do is to choose the one that suits your needs as well as your pocket. Later, all you will have to do is to discuss your needs with the company.

In order to take complete benefit of such great tools, you will need to understand the working and their proper usage correctly.  The plentiful content of your site is the key to its victory. Your online consumers are inquisitive about your products and services, and the website should be ready to give all requested info.

Listing is not enough; do not list all your products and services there. It is essential to provide all information, put some images and have a separate section where your visitors can leave their reviews, remarks, or ask any questions. An active and effective site will act as a bridge between the customer and your services or products. No other promotional activity will help you in achieving this level of interactivity with potential consumers.

The website is the best way of telling their targeted audiences how the company works, or how they are planning to avoid or improve their services.

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Getting To Know About Affordable SEO Services in India

Search engine optimization is the method of making your website more creative & search engine friendly in order to get the top position and boosts traffic to reach new customer around the globe. Many companies are active in order to give you the best and Affordable SEO services in India. All you have to do is search for the right company. These services may include the following.


  •          Website analysis

It is a set of methodologies that are implemented to increase the activities on online as well as on the e-commerce. It includes the measurement and collection as well as analysis along with the reporting of different types of data, in order to check the approximate web usage. This also helps in improving effect of the website.

  •         Website analysis of the competitor’s

It is the analysis of the competitors’ website. With this analysis, a person can get to know, how much traffic they are receiving and with what types of keywords. This stage also tells us about the different points or section where the website lacks behind, later all the faults are removed.

  •          Analysis on the basis of  keywords

There are certain keywords that can help your website in maintaining its position on the first page. With the help of analysis, experts can feed certain words or keywords that are being used by the majority of the population.

  Title as well as Meta tag optimization

Companies put some catchy title and subtitles that will directly help people to get their website to hit the first page.

  •         Generating new content

o    Articles

o    Blogs

o    Press releases

o    Website content

  •          Google Sitemap creation

This feature helps you to list your entire website’s page onto the list of the Google index.

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Best Advice for SEO Professionals in Changing Times

Has anything changed for SEO India? Yes, there has been a tremendous change in terms of how SEO processes work and companies operate in Indian. For the professionals looking for SEO opportunities, market has plenty to offer. There is a great potential for business for SEO professionals as there are companies mushrooming as enterprises from every city in India. There is a great awareness among the clients about the importance of online promotions and SEO in particular. Awareness has the ability to expand the market and if you are a smart SEO analyst, you can get the major share of the expanding market. As an SEO expert and looking for business opportunity, it is very important for you to communicate all the details of the process you will work on and most importantly, you need to set the right expectation to the client about the time required to achieve the keywords to the top pages. The smartness of an SEO professional lies in finalizing the targeted keywords and designing the desired campaign which is realistic and time bound.

seo consultant2

With the present competition online, you cannot simply depend on one process or one strategy. You need to diversify and change the strategy from time to time. It is better to implement interactive platforms like blogs as many as you can to achieve better and sustainable results. Using certain common social media pages and forums can be wise though the client may not have signed up for SMM or SMO promotions.

Click here for more information of  SEO processes for professionals.

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Discover an All New Life with Android Apps

Android-Apps2Wondering how Android Apps Development India is shaping up as a new concept? You wouldn’t be surprised to know that Indian market for Android Apps is closely catching up with the European and American markets. The contributing factors are many and to name few, it’s the revolution in the E-commerce and Gaming sectors in India that are really driving the usage of Android Apps. It is also true that majority of the Indian mobile users are with Android phones because of their availability and easy access along with user friendly interface. To understand the relevance of Android Apps, it is known to have wide range of application for the Indian scenario. Its demand has been led by travel, apparel and e-retail sectors along with education and governance sectors. Unfortunately, there are not many expert professionals to develop Android applications in India through the trends seem to be improving. In this context, any company that is an exclusive provider for mobile applications can be considered as a highly professional player with thorough know-how on the android applications.

If you have decided to implement Android Apps for your business, you need to work with a company that has maximum exposure with Android phones. It is important to know that not all websites need mobile applications unless there is need for database and user interface. For static or certain information based dynamic websites, there are options to create websites with mobile compatibility. Android Apps has specific applications and advantages that can help you in expanding your customer base on mobile platforms.

Know more about Android Apps by clicking here.

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Understanding the Nuance of Link Building for SEO

seo-sydney-australia-1024x696How is SEO linked with Link Building Services India? Link Building has been one of the conventionally practiced strategies to achieve SEO results in India. In spite of many new updates in the SEO practice, Link Building has not lost its relevance; instead its importance has been proved time and again. As a business, if you are looking for standard results in SEO, you cannot ignore the process of link building through various channels. One of the most reliable ways of building links or the back links to your website is by actively updating on the article directories. Article directories are highly effective and some of the most reputed platforms like Ezine are trusted by professional SEO companies. Article directories are known to accept content that is unique, fresh and informative. There are separate guidelines in-terms of format and keyword placement for each of those directories and similarly there are expert copy writing professionals who can design content according to such specifications.

Besides the article directories, the past several years have seen the back links are being built through dedicated blogs. Your SEO partner can create theme based blogs and develop content on them regularly in a way that the traffic is routed to your website through these blogs. This has become a very well accepted strategy as there are options for the users to review your business and comment on the same. Search engines consider the websites that are open for user feedback to be more reliable than the normal ones.

Click here to learn more about the Link Building strategies.

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Effects of the Penguin 2 Updates SEO and its Benefits to Reader

The SEO industry is growing at an alarming rate and an ever increasing number of service providers are entering the field each day. This isn’t good news since quality concerns are raising thus causing search engines like Google to begin rolling out updates meant to review the content on webs sites and blacklist those of low quality. For link building services the Penguin 1 update was a nightmare since it De-indexed a large number of low quality web pages over night. Many service providers are yet tPenguino recover from the updates lash yet Google has released the penguin 2 update which is said to pose more problems with SEO service providers.

For the blogger who earns a living by building links towards highly ranked pages, it’s time to reconsider your approach to avoid working for nothing. Many companies offering the link building contracts are also asking for the penguin guidelines to be followed to ensure the links they buy remain visible and indexed by Google for as long as possible. This means you simply can’t copy or upload low quality content today since the Penguin update which surely de-index the page on the next role out. The content must be of high quality and deliver meaningful information to the reader thus making it useful.

In the SEO world the Penguin updates may be observed as a nightmare but observing the updates from a quality point of view shows their importance towards regulating high quality content.  The updates help regulate the content published online thus ensuring the reader gets high value and unique information which helps with enhancing their understanding on different subjects, which is what most readers are looking for on the internet today. For various SEO services, Please visit us at http://www.wetecho.com/.

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