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SEO – the Search Engine Optimisation is the core and primary aspect of solutions offered at Wetecho. Our objective has always been to be able to assist companies and businesses of any dimension and priorities to achieve their business proportions through brilliant SEO or Digital Optimisation strategies. What makes us unique rather different is our approach towards the SEO process which we insist to understand freshly each new day. Such a refreshed approach is essential considering the every changing and dynamic search engine policies and updates. Google being rated to be the top search engine does everything innovative to keep the search phenomenon natural and realistic for its users. Our approach is indeed a two way strategy - align with the policy and counter the game plan of Google. Our research team is always on their toes to fish out for any change in the search engine behavior, they notify the production team to continue to work around the process to ensure our customers would gain out of every single step we take in implementing an exclusively designed strategy for each and every of them.

Link Building

Link Building is the way to stay connected with every relevant avenue which has some context to your business. In the language of digital marketing it’s rather a networking solution which is bound to strengthen your digital presence. A point of caution for our clients is that there are numerous processes adapted for link building that are dubious in nature; such process can attain certain degree of instant success, but will not last for long. What we recommend is a rigorous and robust process that can sustain your rankings with time.

SEO Audits

There are several practices that are considered to be relevant and effective in the market. Irrespective of the process specification, the need for the SEO audit is as essential as a thorough strategy. SEO Audits are to be time bound and shall have the statistics deriving out of such audits that will help the companies evaluate their standing in the market. Our expert team combines manual & programmed functions to achieve the most accurate possible audit statement for your website.

Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Submission - One of the most successful and equally traditional process which is still known to be a genuine SEO process; this has not only been adapted but has been mastered by our in-house professions who by now have designed their own script that is being responsible for many a successful campaign in the past. An advance approach maturing from the link building is the directory submissions that are approved or appraised by the popular search engines, only proving to be effective with time.

Local SEO

‘Wetecho’ understands that every business is unique and exceptionally different. In this context, the role of the local SEO game plan is very significant, especially for those companies that are either expanding to the emerging markets or start ups that need a special focus. Our strength is always in offering services that are accurately targeted and custom designed based on our customers’ business demands. Though there are similar SEO processes involved, local SEO has always been a special bag of choice for us to work upon.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO - A new generation SEO solution that is in tune with the design of a mobile website. We help your company to create a micro website which is compatible on Mobile for your smart phone users. This process gets expanded into creating a brand new optimized website which is not only mobile but also social. We have designed several tools and technology applications to achieve smart results in a very short span of time through diligently implemented Mobile SEO game plan.

Articles Distribution

Articles play a highly pivotal role in enhancing your SEO quality and increasing the chances for better ranking which is also consistent. Going in tandem with the major search engine policies, some of the highly reputed directories are depended for Articles Distribution. Articles are written by expert professions which will be published after due revisions, we tag in the customer’s website to add credibility too. At Wetecho, Articles Distribution is a process that is managed by dedicated resources.

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing Page strategy is one of the recent additions, rather discoveries to the SEO processes or strategies that are presumed to be seemingly complex. Our assessment in this pretext is that the SEO process is what we adapt from time to time by developing practices that are well experimented and proven across the world. Landing Page Optimisation has been finding its relevance because of the campaigns that are targeted for a limited timeslots or with selectively defined priorities from our clients.

Multi-Lingual SEO

Wetecho has been one of the pioneers in optimizing strategies and processes that are meant for people of various ethnic groups and following regional languages. We as a proactive team have identified the real-time need to address the concerns of various customers among which the Multi - Lingual SEO was one of the persistent challenges. We have adapted unique strategies in a more targeted manner over the years to be able to develop a new approach to this specially created solution. Our processes have always been in line with the search engine policies and guidelines.

Comment Posting

Through our experience and global exposure to the Digital Marketing practices, we perceive the greatest value of comment posting as a special and an exclusive service aspect among various micro SEO processes. The advantage of comment posting is that the target audience will have the access to interact with our customers through various platforms including Blogs and PR issues. We create such platforms for the companies to interact with their customers, which is a very significant aspect in terms of the reputation management.

Review Submissions

Our team works like ’virtual assistance’ when it’s all about review submissions. There is a two way strategy which is implemented on behalf of the customers and the other one is virtually taking an expert position to place reviews on your products, services, new launches and even leadership approach in some instances. By consistently posting the reviews on various facets of your business, we create a new opportunity for you to reach out to your target audience through various different routes.

Forum Participation

Forums in the new age digital media are gaining exceptional acceptance among the online customers and seasoned buyers of various brands through E - commerce platforms. Apart from the E – commerce, there are several other avenues for all kinds of products and services where people online share their opinions and discuss many related things. On behalf of your company, our company would participate in some of the relevant forums for your business, enhancing your standing in the market. Forum Participation is a great avenue for reputation management.

Pdf Submissions.

Our team at Webtech leaves no stone unturned to achieve excellent results for our clients. PDF documents are considered to have better acceptability among the search engines which is a verified tend also being acknowledged by the major search engine policies. We identify the web portals and forums that accept PDF submissions and work around the processes to successfully submit your company profile, business related PR issues and other relevant documents on these platforms. It’s a naïve strategy being religiously adopted by our team and we are experiencing success for our clients.

Drupal SEO

Drupal is one of the predefined platforms that are preferred for creating a dynamic website because of its enhanced security features. Any platform or avenue with enhanced security would mean complex coding and especially for SEO processes, it proves to be highly challenging. Our team had long ago crossed the barrier of Drupal syndrome and we are among the league of few SEO providers to be able to confidently implement an exceptional Digital Marketing strategy even for Drupal Websites.


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