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SMO - the Social Media Optimisation is the second eye of Digital Marketing as the very media of Digital platforms in totality are turning to be social and mobile enabled. The value of Social Media Optimisation is enormous as the contemporary trends of marketing management are completely focused on to reaching out to the target audience rather than expecting them to their stores. This positive energy has been effectively complemented by the revolution in the Social Media and we, at Wetecho are absolutely privileged to be one of the early adaptations of this social strategy. We offer to our clients exactly the same experience which turns our customers to be loyal clients from time to time. In order to assist our clients, we continue to leverage on social strategies which can facilitate maximum advantage in terms of increased traffic and awareness. Though Facebook and Twitter are among the early platforms to abuzz the relevance of social media, we believe the story is only half told. Every customer can implement his or her own social platform and market through social strategies. We take pride in being able to assist our core clientele in the process of this social transformation for greater commercial value.

Social Media Promotion

Ever since the relevance of social media has captured the eyeballs of businesses, we have been creating solutions that are based on socially interactive strategies. Though the past one decade has witnessed the emergence of the social media marketing, there are not many players who are focused and equipped to deal with the real challenge of promoting businesses through social media platforms. Wetecho is fortune enough to have found itself among the league of experts to have mastered some of the most relevant strategies for our customers on Social Platforms.

Reputation Management

We assist companies turning to social, mobile and digital media for creating their new reputation statement. Reputation management in the context of social media is not a mere advertizing effort; it has to be backed by a thoroughly developed strategy which is not only relevant but also placed in a timely fashion. Our books are complete with noteworthy examples of dealing with reputation management for many a clientele online, attributing the syndrome to our innovative thinking of behalf of every customer.

Facebook Fanpage Marketing

Facebook fan page has redefined the social media strategy to the extent that it occupies the prime spot of any customer’s mindshare. Though it seemed mythical in the initial days of its promotions, it has been acknowledged by most of the industry experts to be as effective as a business website which can drive your target audience to be interactive. There are several other applications that can be installed to your fan page to help you project your products and services in an entirely innovative manner; Wetecho will implement them all.

Youtube Video Promotion

Youtube, today is the most trusted visual based communication tool which has the maximum membership among the digital video audience. This reassures your strategy to go online and try out visual media to promote your business. We will help your business to become a unique aspect for your target audience who can stay with your services loyally. Our YouTube video promotions are designed in such a way that we optimize the placement of your for maximum benefit. We not only promote your video, but also create your online profile that is linked to the popular sections of video galleries.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is on its way to become more popular to be the trusted platform such as Face book and YouTube considering its growing user base. We have been identifying several innovative measures to promote our clients business on Twitter with added benefits of cost optimizations. We consider our strengths to be more in terms of our technical skills and know-how based on the initial impressions from the Twitter Marketing. We are confident to help your business be aligned with the growing popularity of Twitter in the days to come.

LinkedIN Page Promotion

LinkedIN - known to be one of the very few and reputed online platforms for professional and corporate personalities to meet up to be informed and interact with the likeminded as well as contrasting professionals is trusted for digital media strategy too. It takes a deal of professional approach and transparent communication by the experts who understand your business. If you are found to be balanced on LinkedIN, your businesses prospects are definitely scheduled for green pastures, it’s our desire to get you there by implementing what is best otherwise.

Blog Contribution

Blogs are nothing but the extension of your business story in an informal and interactive set up. You would want your customers and followers to tell you what they feel about your business and services besides finding the opportunity to make yourselves socially available. This is definitely a tedious process and that’s why we have dedicated teams to deal with several minute aspects of Blog Contributions. Our engagement includes mapping your requirements to the professionals who can be aligned your business model.

Infographics Design & Promotion

Infographics, today are pretty much known to be greater avenues rather visualized tools to present your ideas in a crystal clear manner. You need your idea to be represented in a short capsule with smart text so as to communicate to your ever browsing and flipping customers through WebPages that will never end. Our services would ensure your products or services are made available for your target audience in some of the most innovative way of representing - as fresh and appealing.

RSS Syndication

RSS feeds would date back to the early innovations of the digital media where your website or any specific product portfolio is shared among the popular and happening portals rather platforms. This needs a special effort in sensitively selecting the target destinations and monitoring the performance of your website on a regular basis. Our team has the advantage of having the combine strengths of experience and freshness that will help us to blend ideas and perfection for your digital campaign.

Squidoo Lens Creation

Squidoo lens creation is one among the latest and contemporary solutions that are being adopted by Wetecho which is already proving to be the best in the industry. We have the capacity to create numerous Squidoo lens with in a stipulated timeframe by engaging some of the highly talented & expert professionals. This becomes an all in all solution to consolidate your PR and Directory management. Going by the acceptance of Squidoo lens by the SEO analysts, we recon to enhance our capabilities further so as to emerge as market leaders in the days to come.

High PR Profile Creation

Public Relations work just like how they do in the traditional set up; the only difference is the platform which is digital and so is more effective. This shall effectively motivate your stakeholders of your business whether they are your partners or clients, they could even be your investors. What you communicate through your PR profile holds a great deal of value for your business and we, at Wetecho are proud to have hosted multiple PR profiles that are also created by us.

Social Bookmarking

An integral part of the Search Engine Optimization and now being adapted by the SMO practices; Social Bookmarking can do wonders for your business. This is a natural process of tagging your business website with the popular links, pages and online avenues through bookmarks. The more the density of bookmarking the more the intensity you would experience in terms of your online presence, leading to your successful SMO campaign. There are several other avenues such as slide share and flicker that are functionally specific.

Image Optimisation

Though image optimization is an integral part of SEO & SMO campaign, it has been finding its position as an exclusive solution in the digital marketing arena. This goes in tandem with the tightening policy protocols by the search engines like Google and Yahoo which also has the statuary implications. This sets the context for dedicated services for Image Optimisation which essentially helps your audience, followers and customers identify with images that belong to your business. By all means they become your unwritten trademarks ...


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